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Welcome to Newglade! I’m Amy, the founder and lead counsellor at Newglade. I’m delighted to introduce our full range of services below including our small team of counsellors who are passionate about providing inclusive, accessible therapy to the neurodivergent community. Being neurodivergent ourselves we understand the unique challenges and concerns that you might have in all aspects of life.  Specialising in neurodivergence (ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and more), we find that our flexible, affirming approach helps our clients feel validated, supported and heard. We also find that our approach resonates especially well with those who are navigating the complexities of a late diagnosis (or late identification) as well as those who tend to be high masking individuals. At Newglade we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals in these situations and our tailored support is designed to meet your specific needs.  *We reject ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) in all its forms and recognise how damaging and discriminating this approach can be* More about our approach to counselling here


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Therapy Services

Specialist neurodivergent Counselling

Training & Workshops

Details of upcoming training around Neurodiversity and therapy

Parent Support

Support for parents of neurodivergent children

Therapist Support

Support for therapists around neurodivergence

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Our Team

Our therapy services are provided by our small team of neurodivergent counsellors.

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Purchase Neurodivergent and therapy resources including our best-selling Neuro Cards right here on our website.

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an image of Amy's self esteem workbook
an image showing Amy's neuro cards
an image showing Amy's emotion wheels therapy resource

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