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As a neurodivergent therapist myself, as well as a parent of autistic and ADHD children, I specialise in working with autistic/ADHD clients (with or without a diagnosis) in the therapy room. I have also undertaken additional specific training to complement my professional and personal experience in this area. I know how important it is to find the right person to help and I hope you can get a feel for me and the way I work through my website.

I believe my flexible approach to counselling helps neurodivergent clients (or those who might be exploring the idea of neurodivergence) feel heard, supported and valued in the therapy room. I strive to provide a validating and affirming experience for all my clients and I feel my knowledge and experience of autism and ADHD helps to achieve this. Incorporating elements of coaching into my work can also often be beneficial to those people who might struggle with executive functioning difficulties or day to day challenges. After discussion with you, I can tailor my way of working to you and your specific needs.

Possibly you are not diagnosed autistic or ADHD but have an idea that you might be. Maybe you’re on a waiting list for an assessment. Perhaps your child or teenager is newly diagnosed and they’re looking to discover and embrace their identity or look for more effective coping strategies. Whatever your story, please take a look at this article I’ve written, Therapy and Neurodivergence . I hope it may offer you some insights and answer some of your questions about my approach to counselling. Some of my other related articles you might be interested in are listed below.

Seeking therapy/counselling can be a big step for anyone but, for someone who is autistic or ADHD, it can seem like a really daunting prospect. What will the counsellor be like? Will I feel comfortable? What will I be expected to do or say? Will they accept me as I am? Will I like them? Just some of the questions you might have. To help with some of this uncertainty I offer a free consultation session online or by phone so you can see if the way I work is the right fit for you.

Contact me below for more information about my counselling services or to book a free 15 minute consultation.

For parents of autistic or ADHD teens, I also offer one off parent coaching sessions for guidance and support. Please see here or contact me for more details.

Also see my Etsy shop for details of my digital downloads. And my resources page for some free downloads you may find helpful.

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