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Foundations of Neurodivergence

Gain a deep understanding of neurodivergence and the strengths and challenges faced by the neurodivergent community.

Neurodivergent Insights – Module 1 Neurodivergence – Building Awareness


This is the first module in our “Neurodivergent Insights” series.  Whether you’re actively engaged in supporting neurodivergent individuals or simply seeking to broaden your understanding of neurodiversity from a positive and non-stigmatising viewpoint. This module would be an excellent starting point for beginners.

Professional Development

Enhance your skills and knowledge with this range of courses and workshops covering specific topics around neurodivergence.

Neurodivergent Insights – Neurodivergence – Connection in Community Interactions


This is our second module in the “Neurodivergent Insights” series. It is ideal for professionals working within the community who want to build more of a connection with their neurodivergent clients. Please see our other training for more specialist trainings including domestic abuse and therapeutic work.

Introduction to Counselling Skills for Professionals – mini training


Ideal for support workers, pastoral staff in schools of colleges, HR departments, managers and anyone looking to improve their counselling skills.

Therapeutic Approaches

Learn about effective therapeutic techniques and strategies that are supportive and affirming to neurodivergence.

Exploring Neurodivergence with Neuro Cards


A workshop exploring creative ways to work with neurodivergence focusing our best selling Neuro Cards. Covering an introduction to neurodivergence and picking up on common themes which come into therapy. By the end of this video, you’ll have practical tools to help you better understand and support neurodivergent clients. Join Amy to enhance your professional skills and make a positive impact with Neuro Cards.

(Neuro Cards are therapy cards designed by Amy to help individuals or clients reflect on their neurodivergent traits and experiences and are available to purchase on our shop page.)

Personal Growth

Discover courses that help you navigate personal development, self-advocacy, and everyday challenges from a neurodivergent affirming perspective.

Self Care for Neurodivergence – A short course


A 30 minute workshop exploring self care for neurodivergent people. Including how aspects of neurodivergence can impact our ability to care for ourselves and some tips on how to get started. Delivered by Amy Peters, a neurodivergent therapist.

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