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What are our fees?

Therapy Services

50 minute session

Short or long term counselling sessions offered both online and face to face.

Counsellors offer a free 15 minute consultation via phone or zoom to ensure your counsellor is the right fit for you.

Clare  |  £70

Willow  |  £70

Amy  |  £80

Parent Support

50 minute session

Online only

These are one off support sessions for parents of autistic or ADHD teens (with or without diagnosis) who would like some support and guidance around coping strategies/self care etc.

 These sessions take place with Amy via a Zoom call.

Includes follow up email with relevant digital resources supplied

Therapist Support

50 minute session

One off coaching sessions with Amy for therapists or trainee therapists looking for supervision/consultation around neurodivergence. 1-1 training on working with neurodivergence also available in these sessions.

Includes follow up email with relevant digital resources supplied


Training & Workshops

Amy offers a variety of interactive and experiential training packages suitable for professionals in a variety of roles within therapy settings, local authorities, police forces, support services and schools/colleges/universities.

Training available in introductory courses as well as in depth workshops for those working 1-1 with neurodivergent clients.

See our training page to purchase our ‘on demand’ training courses and find more detail about our bespoke packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Face to Face Counselling

We have a small team of counsellors who generally are based in the Canterbury area. All face to face locations are private spaces where you can make yourself comfortable with a variety of seating options. Your counsellor will talk you through where they work and please ask if you would like additional photos or a video walkthrough to help you feel more prepared.

Online Counselling

Online sessions are carried out on a secure platform such as Zoom or MS Teams. All you need is a reliable Wi Fi connection and a way to access the sessions such as a laptop, PC with webcam or a smart phone/tablet with a webcam. Our free initial consultations are offered online so you will get an idea of how this works before committing to sessions.

Amy provides counselling in a log cabin in her garden in a rural location. There is level access via a gravel path but there is one small step up into the cabin. There are no toilet facilities near the log cabin although, if needed, clients can be given access to the house facilities (two thresholds to step up over). There is parking available.

Willow provides counselling in a private room within a community building. There is disabled access to the site. Free parking, accessible toilets and a waiting room are also available for use.

Both online and face to face sessions are priced from £70. Please see the full list of prices available above. 

Our counsellors work with different age groups so between us we have all ages covered from primary school age and up.

Many people are finding that online counselling is just as effective as face to face and it is amazing how such a depth of connection can be achieved over the screen. Online counselling indeed offers advantages too.; the comfort of your own space (please ensure your privacy), no travel time and the ability to access therapy from all corners of the UK (and beyond). For neurodivergent people seeing a counsellor in person could be a particularly nerve wracking experience so online can often be a good option.

Our primary focus at Newglade Counselling is neurodivergence (autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia etc). This means that we specialise in working with neurodivergent clients and providing you with an affirming approach to explore your neurodivergence. However neurodivergence is not always the focus of the work. There are often associated issues alongside (anxiety, depression, trauma, identity issues, GSRD (Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity), work issues etc) and these can be explored and worked through with your counsellor in a safe way. Our counsellors are trained as integrative counsellors, which means that we use different modalities depending on the situation and the client so that you can be sure of bespoke sessions.

Neurodivergence is an umbrella term for someone whose experience of the world differs from  that of the majority (neurotypical people)

For a good explanation about the language around neurodivergence please see Nick walker’s Neuroqueer page here.

As neurodivergent counsellors we are neurodivergent affirming in our approach.

Neurodivergent (ND) affirming means ensuring that your neurodivergence is considered at every point of the therapy process. See here for details of Amy’s model which sets out the 7 principles of ND affirming practice.

A lot of us as ND people will have often had to ‘mask’ to fit in, had misunderstandings because of our communication styles, and been overlooked and underestimated. This can be true within the counselling world too and we find that clients have often in the past felt dismissed or not understood by their (likely neurotypical) counsellor.

Neurodivergent affirming practice is not about dismissing your struggles nor is it about encouraging you to see your ND as a superpower. ND affirming counselling is a safe space for you to explore what your ND traits are and how they show up in your life. It is about exploring your difficulties in the same way as other counsellors would, but looking at them through a neurodivergent lens when helpful. For example, a lot of difficulties such as anxiety can actually be a consequence of living in a society not set up for you so the usual methods of anxiety therapy may not have worked for you as they don’t address this. Being ND affirming means that, alongside the exploration of coping strategies and techniques, we can ensure that more systemic issues are also a part of the therapy.

We reject the idea of ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) and any derivatives which seek to mask or eradicate your ND traits. We work with your neurodivergence rather than find ways to hide/change or minimise it.

We are all neurodivergent counsellors ourselves and this is an important part of our ethos. It’s not essential to be neurodivergent in order to offer a neurodivergent affirming service but our lived experience does help us to connect in a way that can be extremely beneficial. See Amy’s blog article on the Benefits of Seeing a Neurodivergent Therapist for more on this.

You might also be interested in the Counselling page which gives more information on our approach and Amy’s article on Therapy and Neurodivergence goes into specific detail.

We have considered different needs within our therapy spaces and, for face to face sessions, we have a variety of fidget/stimming aids available for use. There are usually different seating options (sofa, beanbag, cushions on the floor etc). Lighting can usually be adjusted and if you prefer music on in the background we can easily arrange this. If you have a particular need or concern please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate this.

All our counsellors offer a free 15/20 minute online (or phone) call before your first session to have an informal chat for you to get to know us a little and see if you are comfortable with me. At this stage, we can talk through any particular needs or concerns you may have and we will do my best to accommodate these.

It’s very common to feel a little nervous or anxious about seeing a counsellor for the first time. Particularly if taking part in face to face sessions, you may wish to see photos or video of our therapy spaces and get an idea of where you will be visiting. We are working on adding these to our website but please let us know if this is something that would be helpful and we will provide them for you.

Counselling usually takes place on a one to one basis. We do not currently offer family or couples therapy. However if you are under 18 or are particularly anxious in new situations, it may be possible to have someone with you for the initial chat and/or first session. Please contact us to enquire.

For Parents

Counselling provides a safe space for your child or teen navigate challenges, develop coping strategies, and enhance their overall well-being as well as learn about their neurodivergence. Building the therapeutic relationship and maintaining trust is key in counselling, so creative approaches such as playing games, story telling or producing artwork are often used to help facilitate this. For neurodivergent children, engaging with their passions and interests is a particularly effective way to engage them in therapy so the counsellors may also incorporate these where possible.

Confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of counselling. Counsellors are bound by strict ethical guidelines to keep all information shared during sessions confidential. This means that unless there is a risk of harm to the client or others, or legal requirements necessitate disclosure, what is discussed in counselling sessions remains private. We appreciate that this can be incredibly hard for parents when you don’t get to see or hear what goes on in a session. Rest assured that all our counsellors are appropriately trained to work with young people and have safeguarding training, hold DBS checks and have regular supervision to ensure the highest standards of work.

Your child’s counsellor will discuss with you the number of counselling sessions that is deemed the most appropriate for your child and will review this periodically. It’s sometimes beneficial for children to engage in shorter-term therapy to prevent overwhelm and ensure it remains a positive experience for them so that they feel able to return to counselling at another stage in their life if needed.

There are many factors that determine these decisions and at times, our counsellors may feel your child would be more appropriately supported elsewhere, if so they will share this with you and work towards an appropriate ending with your child. We acknowledge that often the objectives of parents may diverge from the perspective of your child in therapy or indeed the counsellor’s and, whilst it is helpful to have input from parents, the counsellor will always make decisions based on the best interests of their client.

It’s not uncommon for children and teens to prefer privacy and autonomy in their counselling sessions. Respecting their wishes is crucial for maintaining trust and promoting their sense of agency in the therapeutic process. While you may not be directly involved in their sessions, you can still offer your support and encouragement outside of counselling.

Alongside our counselling services, Amy also offers parent support sessions to help you find strategies and resources as well as learn more about your child’s neurodivergence. These sessions can be booked whether your child is receiving counselling from us or not. See the Parent Support page for details.

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All our counsellors are appropriately qualified to offer counselling services. We also undertake a variety of regular training to ensure we are always evolving and broadening our knowledge and skillset.

All counsellors are either members of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) or the NCPS (National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society) and hold appropriate insurance and DBS checks. In accordance with data protection requirements, Amy is a member of the ICO (Information Commissioners Office), you can read our full privacy notice here.

Should you wish to see a full list of our qualifications, please contact Amy here.

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