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Explore neurodivergence holistically with our bestselling Neuro Cards – a set of 42 double-sided therapy cards for adults and teens. Created by neurodivergent therapist Amy Peters, these cards promote positive self-identity and self-reflection.

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Explore neurodivergence using our bestselling Neuro Cards – a comprehensive set of 42 double-sided therapy cards designed for adults and teens.

Promoting an affirming view of neurodivergence, these cards offer a holistic approach to understanding and reflecting on neurodivergent traits and experiences.

Neuro Cards can be used as an educational resource,  a conversation starter, or as an advocacy tool.

Created by Amy Peters, an autistic/ADHD therapist specialising in neurodivergence, Neuro Cards provide a refreshing departure from traditional, medicalised approaches to understanding neurodivergence.

Neuro Cards are suitable for therapists, educators, support workers, school staff and individuals seeking self-exploration.


Key Features:

– Each card is designed to foster curiosity, acceptance and a more positive neurodivergent identity.

– Information and discussion points encourage further self-reflection and exploration.

– Deliberately avoids segregating neurodivergent traits into labels/diagnoses, allowing for personalised exploration in an affirming way.


Please note: Neuro Cards are not a diagnostic tool.

Dimensions: 5.9cm x 9.1cm with rounded corners.

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Training on how to use Neuro Cards available on our training page.

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