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See my Etsy shop for therapy tools designed by me including my neurodivergence therapy cards, well-being templates and my emotion wheels worksheets. For a limited time, some of my resources are available for free download below.

Information about my Neuro Cards – available in my Etsy shop

Promoting an affirmative view of neurodivergence without dismissing the struggles, Neuro Cards are designed to explore and reflect on neurodivergence whilst helping to foster positive self identity, acceptance and to improve self esteem.

Created by Amy Peters, a therapist who specialises in working with neurodivergent clients, Neuro Cards are designed to be used by therapists, support workers, teachers or anyone who works with neurodivergent clients. With discussion points for further reflection, these 42 double sided therapy cards can also be used by individuals who wish to learn more about themselves or explore the idea of self diagnosis.

Deliberately not segregating neurodivergent traits and experiences into labels (autistic, ADHD, dyslexia etc), these cards allow someone to find out what resonates with them and explore their own identity in a positive way. Etsy Shop

Free Resources

Please feel free to download and print these therapy tools and resources for your own personal use. Please credit Newglade Counselling when sharing and do not crop or alter images.

Grounding Techniques Poster

Grounding techniques poster by Newglade Counselling

Spoon Theory Poster

Emotional Accounting

Weekly Self Check In

Weekly self check in by Newglade Counselling

Self Care Tips Poster

Self care tips by Newglade Counselling

Free Poster – 9 Ways to Calm Your Mind for Young people

Ways to calm your mind poster by Newglade Counselling

Self care word search by Newglade Counselling

Free Handout – The Anger Iceberg

Anger iceberg handout by Newglade Counselling

Stress Bucket – Free Handout

Stress bucket handout by Newglade Counselling

Breathe Break short video

Nature Wellbeing Tips

Get in Touch

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