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Private Practice Support for Neurodivergent Therapists

Are you a therapist who would love to start your own private practice? Maybe you don’t feel you have the confidence to make that leap? Maybe you’re wanting to take the plunge but the amount of paperwork and hoops to jump through seem too much. You might be a trainee counsellor itching to make plans but not knowing where to start. Or perhaps your own neurodivergence means that the prospect of starting your own business seems too huge and overwhelming.

If this is you, my therapist coaching sessions might be just what you need!

As a neurodivergent therapist who has started my own private practice and quickly built up a strong, reliable client base, it was clear to me that a lot of counsellors would be able to thrive in private practice but have difficulties getting started. From worries about paperwork and marketing, to a reluctance to talk money and procrastination issues, I can offer my help, support and encouragement to get you started on your own practice whether that is part time or full time. As a counsellor specialising in neurodivergence, I understand that sometimes you need more than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I can help you explore barriers to your success and find ways to harness your strengths so they work for you and your vision.

My therapist coaching sessions take place online on an ‘ad hoc’ basis meaning you can book with me as and when you need them. Sessions are 50 minutes long and cost £60 a session. This also includes a follow up email setting out what we have spoken about, with links and resources as appropriate.

To book a session with me or to find out more, please contact me below.

Neurodivergence 1-1 Training

Are you a therapist who would like to know more about neurodivergence and how to work with it in the therapy room? As well as my Training offers, I also offer one off online sessions for those therapists who may wish to learn about neurodivergence in a one to one setting. These sessions are 50 minutes, take place online, and cost £60. This also covers use of my resources with your clients as relevant to our discussions. Please note these are training sessions, not supervision. Contact me to book in. You may also be interested in my Neuro Cards, therapy cards developed to explore and reflect on neurodivergence in the therapy room. See my Etsy shop for details of how you can purchase these.

See also my training page for details of my current training/workshop offers.

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