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Amy is an experienced wellbeing trainer with extensive experience in conducting training sessions and workshops both in person and online.  She has successfully delivered her expertise to diverse audiences, including therapists, police officers, local authorities, HR professionals, housing staff, support workers, and managers. 

In addition to her role as a specialist neurodivergent counsellor and founder of Newglade Counselling, Amy utilises her background as a support worker, case manager, and public health practitioner. Drawing upon her personal experiences as a neurodivergent individual, she is committed to creating safe spaces in which learning can take place. This dedication ensures that her training not only informs and engages but also fosters an environment conducive to meaningful learning experiences.

Amy offers a variety of interactive and experiential training packages suitable for therapists, local authorities, frontline support staff, school pastoral staff, managers, HR departments. Some examples below:

  • Neurodivergent Insights, building awareness & connection in community settings – Neurodiversity Training for organisations/teams
  • Exploring Neurodivergence with Neuro Cards 
  • Working with Neurodivergence Creatively
  • Neurodivergence & Trauma 
  • An Introduction to Neurodivergent Affirming Practice (using the DIVERSE model)
  • Neurodivergent Affirming Therapy in depth (using the DIVERSE model)
  • Introduction to Counselling Skills
  • CBT techniques for Professionals
  • Trauma Informed Practice
  • Bespoke Training Packages Also Available – please contact Amy for more information


Bespoke Training Packages Also Available – please contact Amy for more information

Individual training on neurodivergence is also available for therapists who prefer to work 1-1. See therapist support page or get in touch for details. 

Amy also provides supervision for professionals working with complex caseloads. She specialises in neurodivergence but is experienced in working with a variety of professional roles.

"The training was brilliant and your passion for leading it jumps out the screen!" ..... "Amy skilfully creates a safe environment to learn" ..... "This course was well paced and delivered well." .... "Thank you for putting this training in to the world and bringing it into awareness"

Organisations worked with include:

Feedback from recent workshops

“Loads of handy tools and suggestions on how to observe and respond to potentially neurodivergent people.”

Neurodivergence in the Community

“Frankness & openness of the tutor and her enthusiasm for the subject was infectious.”

Exploring Neurodivergence in the Therapy Room Workshop

“I can speak, confidently, for the whole team when I say that we found it really informative and interesting. The level of knowledge that you have around working with people who are neurodivergent is clearly evident and shared in such a way that it meant we felt confident in incorporating what we learned into our practice in the counselling room. You have a natural flair for putting people at ease and a warmth in the way you present. Thank you again.”

Exploring Neurodivergence in the Therapy Room Workshop

“Learning more about neurodiversity is always a good thing for all involved.”

Neurodivergence in the Community

on demand training program coming soon!

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