Sensory Workbook


This 18-page sensory workbook is a valuable digital download for Autistic and ADHD teens and adults, and the professionals supporting them. Instantly downloadable, this colourful resource is perfect for therapy, school, or personal use, offering practical tools for exploring your sensory profile, increasing self awareness, fostering acceptance, and encouraging self advocacy.


This digital sensory workbook is an essential resource for Autistic and ADHD teens and adults, as well as the professionals who support them. It offers affirming tools to help build sensory profiles, increase self-awareness, foster self-acceptance, and enhance self-advocacy. Instantly downloadable upon purchase, this 18-page colourful workbook is ideal for use in therapy, school settings, or for individual use.

By providing practical tools and techniques, this workbook aims to help users understand their sensory needs, recognise sensory overload, and develop strategies to manage sensory triggers and environments. It also includes information on accommodations and ways to challenge internalised ableism, promoting a holistic approach to sensory well-being.

Key Features:

  •  Signs of Sensory Overload: Clear indicators to help recognise when sensory overload is occurring.
  • Grounding Techniques: Practical steps to manage sensory overload and maintain grounding.
  • Sensory Triggers: Identification of sensory triggers to better prepare for various environments.
  • Accommodations Information: Guidance on suggested accommodations and strategies to support sensory needs.
  • Internalised Ableism: Strategies to begin to challenge internalised ableism.

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Includes printer friendly version in black and white.

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