Tackling Negative Thoughts Poster/Infographic


Combat negative thoughts with our Tackling Negative Thoughts Poster/Infographic – a digital download featuring a three-step process designed by an experienced counsellor. Suitable for therapists, teachers, or individuals seeking to promote positive self-awareness.


Combat negative thinking patterns with our Tackling Negative Thoughts Poster/Infographic – a powerful tool designed by an experienced counsellor to promote positive self-awareness and cognitive restructuring.

This digital download features an A4 colour poster/infographic outlining a three-step process for identifying, challenging, and managing negative thoughts. Whether you’re a therapist, teacher, or individual seeking to enhance self-awareness and mental well-being, this resource offers valuable insights and practical strategies.

Key Features:

– A4 colour poster/infographic explaining a three-step process for tackling negative thoughts.

– Suitable for therapists, counsellors, teachers, pastoral staff, and individuals.

– Incorporates principles of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy).

Empower yourself or your clients with effective techniques for combating negative thought patterns and promoting a positive mindset.

Please note: Digital download for personal or client use only. Not for resale. Refunds not available for digital products.

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