Window of Tolerance Therapy Tool


Improve self-awareness with our Window of Tolerance Therapy Tool – a digital download featuring an A4 colour poster and accompanying worksheet. Ideal for therapists, teachers, or individuals seeking to explore emotional regulation and build awareness.


Improve your self-awareness and emotional regulation with our Window of Tolerance Therapy Tool – a valuable resource designed to support individuals in understanding and managing their emotional states..

Crafted by Amy Peters, a neurodivergent therapist, this digital download features an A4 colour poster explaining the concept of the window of tolerance, helping individuals recognise when they are within optimal arousal levels or at risk of entering hyperarousal or hypoarousal states.

Accompanied by a black and white A4 worksheet so users can map their own experiences and develop greater self-awareness.

Key Features:

– A4 colour poster explaining the window of tolerance.

– Black and white A4 worksheet for personal reflection.

– Suitable for therapists, counsellors, teachers, pastoral staff, and individuals.

Empower yourself or your clients with the tools to navigate emotional challenges and foster resilience.

Please note: Digital download for personal or client use only. Not for resale. Refunds not available for digital products.

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