What No One Tells You About Counsellor Training

Deciding to train to be a counsellor is no small decision. From choosing what modality to specialise in, to finding a placement in your final year, counsellor training can be equal parts exhausting and fulfilling. Before taking the leap, read my article on what no one tells you about counsellor training.

See the full article published in Counsellor’s Cafe Magazine here.

Therapist Coaching

Are you a therapist who would love to start your own private practice? struggling to know where to start? Or perhaps you’re neurodivergent and you need some help to get started.

I offer one off coaching sessions for those counsellors or trainees who really want to go into private practice but feel like something is holding them back.

I can offer my help, support and encouragement to explore barriers, talk about paperwork or look at how you can use your strengths.

Also offer one to one training/coaching sessions on neurodivergence in the therapy room.

See my Therapist support page for more details.

Amy is a qualified counsellor working in Kent and online with adults and adolescents. Amy works with a range of issues and specialises in working with neurodivergent individuals and their families.

Contact Amy here for more information.

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