Benefits of Seeing a Neurodivergent Therapist?

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If you’re Neurodivergent, sometimes it can end up feeling like therapy is not for you – at times it might feel like you’re failing at it or just can’t get on with it.

⭐️ It doesn’t have to be this way ⭐️

If you’re neurodivergent yourself and looking for counselling, you may want to consider finding a therapist who is also neurodivergent.

So why choose a neurodivergent (ND) therapist❓

🌈 Understanding of Neurodivergence

An ND therapist can help you to view your life experiences through a neurodivergent lens. This also helps in terms of helping you learn about all your neurodivergent traits that you may not have considered before.

🌈 Challenging ableism

By noticing and challenging ableism both within society, in others around us and even internally, we can start to reduce self blame and move towards a more affirming identity

🌈 Accommodations

Maybe you need accommodations like stimming aids, sitting on beanbags or the floor, or maybe extra time to process what’s going on. Perhaps you would like a video walk through of the therapy room before your first session. An ND therapist should check in with you and organise accommodations as needed.

🌈 Understanding of masking

Having a personal knowledge of masking can be so helpful. Knowing just how exhausting it can be as well as the many layers of masking that have often become embedded over the years.

🌈 All communication styles welcome

We will understand if you’re having a non verbal day, instead using chat functions on zoom or just working creatively. No shaming of info dumping or interrupting, just a non judgemental approach to all the different communication styles.

🌈 Neurodivergent affirming

An Nd therapist is more likely to offer a style of therapy that is neurodivergent affirming – helping you build a positive self identity and learn how to be authentically you.

If looking for an ND therapist in the UK, there are some specific directories you can use such as the Association of Neurodivergent Therapists or Thriving Autistic. Many counsellors list autism/ADHD or neurodivergence in general as an ‘issue’ they work with. However it may also be worth specifically asking them if they’re neurodivergent. I have found most neurodivergent affirming therapists are very happy to disclose this from the outset (there may be some therapists who prefer not to disclose on their public websites etc).

Most therapists will also offer a free initial chat so you can see if it feels like a right fit for you.

Amy is a counsellor specialising in neurodivergence and the founder of Newglade Counselling. She has created a team of neurodivergent counsellors who work online and face to face around Canterbury, Kent. Amy also provides parent support sessions, clinical supervision and delivers training in therapy and neurodivergence. For more information about our services contact us here.

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