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A Word From Willow

Guest Blog – By Willow Pugsley

Hear from one of our neurodivergent counsellors, Willow, as she tells us about her approach to therapy and the reason why she joined the Newglade Counselling team.

Hi, I’m Willow and I’m very excited to join the Newglade team as a counsellor for neurodivergent (ND) individuals (Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic, Dyspraxic and more).

I’m an integrative counsellor which means I use a combination of different approaches to make sure the therapy works for you. For children, a blend of play in therapy and talking therapies (with a focus on neurodivergence when needed), is the model that seems to lend itself well to ND children who are often just discovering what their diagnosis means to them (equally I also work with those who are suspected or self diagnosed).

Similarly for adults I combine traditional talking therapy with CBT, person centred therapy and creative methods to ensure the counselling is bespoke to you.

In our sessions together I provide a safe space for you to reflect on your neurodivergence and how it may have impacted your life so far. By looking at things through this lens, we can find tools and coping strategies that really work for you instead of against you. Anxiety, depression, loss of identity and low self esteem are all common issues that ND people face and this (and more) can be explored alongside. Where trauma is present, I firmly believe that this neurodivergent affirming space can be transformative for working towards healing where we can explore your struggles and celebrate your successes along the way.

As a neurodivergent person myself I believe that there is incredible value in having a counsellor who understands you and the way your brain works. My lived experience doesn’t make me an expert in your life, but I think it does help us to connect in a way that can be hugely beneficial in therapy.

This is one of the main reasons that I wanted to work with Amy and Newglade Counselling and I’m thrilled to be part of this team which puts such emphasis on inclusion, affirmation and authenticity.

Yellow table set up with colourful resources, blank colouring pages with the words Be Kind and I am enough on them. Pens, pencils, fidget aids, playdoh, uno dobble, top trumps and neuro cards
Willow’s therapy resources set up for young person’s counselling session

Willow is an experienced adult and children’s counsellor and has provided therapy in schools/colleges as well as privately. She has a background in youth work and works from her Canterbury therapy space offering face to face counselling to children and adults and also online sessions to those aged over 13. If you would like to enquire about working with Willow or find out more about any of our services please contact us using the button below.

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