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Neuro cards are a creative way for professionals to work with neurodivergent clients to help raise awareness of neurodivergent traits and foster a positive neurodivergent identity. In this article I will take you through what they are and how you can use them in practice– Available on Etsy

What began as my Springtime hyper focus/ passion project, ended up as a neurodivergent resource which has reached a global audience. These 42 double sided therapy cards are designed to explore and reflect on neurdivergent (ND) traits and experiences.

I’m thrilled to say that, to date, Neuro Cards have been given 5 star reviews from professionals and individuals from Canada, Australia, Ireland, the USA and the far reaches of the UK. They have been used in 1-1 therapeutic settings in the statutory and private sector, coaching sessions, support sessions, specialist autism services, schools, SEN settings, colleges, youth groups and for neurodivergent individuals and their families.

Their wide appeal has shown me what I felt all along – that professionals and neurodivergent individuals themselves are crying out for a neurodivergent affirming resource. One which doesn’t pathologise, shame or invalidate and instead allows true exploration of ND traits and experiences.

Deliberately not segregated into the different diagnoses such as Autism, ADHD, dyslexia or Tourette’s, Neuro Cards are not a diagnostic tool but rather a way to work holistically with a person as an alternative to the deficit-based assessment system.

How to Use Neuro Cards?

4 Neuro cards being held by a female hand against a purple backdrop. The cards displayed are the title card, the chameleon, Identity and memory
Neuro Cards

The cards have an image on one side as a representation of a neurodivergent trait or experience. On the reverse is an explanation along with discussion points. These are designed as a way to help the practitioner (or indeed the individual if they’re using it for themselves) gain insight into the way this trait might relate to their own life.

“By viewing life experiences through a neurodivergent lens, we can reduce self blame and increase self compassion.”

Amy Peters

I believe that, by viewing life experiences through a neurodivergent lens, we can reduce self blame and increase self compassion. This is where Neuro Cards can help.

Start by asking your client/student to pick a card that feels relevant to them. They can pick at random, consider each one, or use the images to see what stands out to them. Then use the card and the explanation to provide some education around the trait if needed.

Following on from this, using the discussion points can elicit some insightful revelations for many people. You could use the discussion points as a basis for other interventions such as creative counselling techniques, or for use as a journal prompt for example.

Neuro Cards have been well received by neurodivergent individuals and many people have found them helpful as an advocacy tool, helping them to communicate their needs in a variety of setting

Neuro cards record sheet

Take things at your client’s pace, being mindful that they may have had very invalidating experiences in previous years. It can be overwhelming to view things through a ND lens for the first time so it’s important to think about their safety. Perhaps exploring one card a session is enough, or maybe they would like to come back to them after a few weeks.

I also have a Neuro Cards record sheet which will be included free with your Neuro Cards purchase on my shop page. This can be helpful to prepare for an assessment (please note this is not for diagnostic purposes). 

To purchase Neuro Cards view my Etsy shop below:

Amy is a counsellor specialising in neurodivergence and the founder of Newglade Counselling. She has created a team of neurodivergent counsellors who work online and face to face around Canterbury, Kent. Amy is the creator of the popular Neuro Cards and other therapy resources. Amy also provides parent support sessions, clinical supervision and delivers training in therapy and neurodivergence. For more information about our services contact us here.

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