5 Self Care Activities That Won’t Cost You A Penny

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How are you today? Feeling frazzled? Drained? Overwhelmed? Do you need to work on your self care? Do you think of self care as all bubble baths and spa days? Well think again. Self care is really about giving time for yourself, investing in yourself, and it doesn’t have to involve booking into a 5 star hotel a few times a year (although that would be nice!). The other thing to remember is that self care isn’t selfish – that meet with a friend, the walk by yourself, time out to read a book – this is what we need to keep ourselves functioning in this crazy world. Have a look at these 5 self care activities which will cost you absolutely nothing.

1 Stand Up!

Lady and child facing each other in front of a grey sofa on a red rug, both bending over and reaching to touch their toes

A lot of us have been spending a lot of time sat in front of a computer lately. Maybe you’re working from home and end up staying seated most of the time. Where you would have got up and moved about the office or got up to talk to a colleague, you’re now staying in one place. Or maybe you’re embracing the latest Netflix offerings and lounging at home.

Now here’s the thing, our bodies aren’t meant to be sat still for that long. We’re designed to move and stretch and walk. So, a great self care activity that you can do really easily is get up and stretch! Put a reminder on your computer or your phone every hour so you can get off your backside and do a few gentle stretches. While you’re up, make yourself a cuppa and look at my next tip.

2 Fancy a Cuppa?

Steaming hot drink inside a white mug, being held by a hand

So while you’re making a cuppa, think of this – how often do you put the kettle on and see how many other things you can get done whilst the kettle boils? Put the washing on? Quick trip to the loo? So, whilst these things are obviously important, maybe take a minute to really enjoy making your drink instead of rushing to sit back down in front of your work. Spend some time noticing how the drink tastes, how the steam rises and makes patterns in the air. Take your drink outside for a moment, and watch the world go by. Just taking a few minutes to do things more mindfully can be great for your self care. (And check out my blog 3 mindful moments for more ideas of how you can be mindful. )

3 Nature Therapy

Image of sand shaped in a circle with pebbles running round the outside of a ring, with a lot of stones standing up in the centre with sand in between the two

Getting out into nature is good for our health, both physical and mental. The combination of fresh air, exercise and the natural world can be a great tonic and can lift your mood instantly. Try to combine it with a bit of movement, walking, cycling, sea swimming ,or just a gentle stroll round the park. You’ll feel the natural endorphins already.

You don’t have to live by the sea, or in the rolling hills to reap the benefits from nature. Even just spending some time looking a trees or a plant blowing in the breeze can have therapeutic effects. Tree hugging anyone?

4 Box Breathing

Image of greenery covering a wall with a neon pink sign reading "and breathe"

There are many different techniques to focus on your breathing, helping your mind and body to calm. One such technique is the box breathing technique. All you have to remember for this is the number 4.

  1. Firstly close your eyes if you’re able, or just relax your focus a little
  2. Start by breathing in steadily to the count of 4
  3. Then hold your breath for a count of 4
  4. And breath out steadily for a count of 4
  5. And repeat

That’s all there is to it. It is proven that breathing techniques can help calm the nervous system and clear the mind. When practised regularly it will make it easier to use at times of high stress. And you can do it virtually anywhere. So if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, or just need a breather, use box breathing as your self care go to.

5 Journaling

Image of an open book with a pen resting in the middle. A sketch of a wave on the left hand page and with writing on the right hand side

Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a great way to make sense of them. Sometimes it may be that you have so many things on your mind, you can’t keep track. So make a to do list to get it down on paper. And it’s a great sense of achievement to be able to tick off something on the list, no matter how small. Or maybe you’re struggling to make sense of some feelings right now. Try writing it down, in a journal, a list, or something more creative like a poem, a rap or song lyrics. You might be surprised at how much it helps.

So grab a nice notebook and pen, or just a scrap of paper and a pencil and get writing!

Black picture frame with writing inside that reads Self Care Isn't selfish in black capitals. On a pink background with a silhouette of a plant covered one corner of the image

So that’s my 5 self care activities that won’t cost you a penny. What can you do for your self care today?

Amy is a counsellor specialising in neurodivergence and the founder of Newglade Counselling. She has created a team of neurodivergent counsellors who work online and face to face around Canterbury, Kent. Amy also provides parent support sessions, clinical supervision and delivers training in therapy and neurodivergence. For more information about our services contact us here

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